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Welcome to the

Philippine GIS Data Clearinghouse (PhilGIS)
    --- Free Philippine GIS data for educational and nonprofit use ---

PhilGIS is . . .
  A simple, single-access portal of free Philippine geospatial data.
  A non-profit, non-governmental, public-service oriented entity.
  Dedicated to promote and support the development and free distribution of geospatial data.
  An enabler for the widespread use of geospatial data to bring about informed and sensible decisions for the creation of a sustainable environment and sound local governance of the Philippines.

PhilGIS is seeking volunteers, data donors, data depositors, partners, collaborators, and sponsors
Contact us at
al.tongco@philgis.org or al_tongco@yahoo.com.

Meet our volunteers and contributors.
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"Efficient land use and systematic land management are the basis for national economic development."
- Dr Young-Ho Kim, president of the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation, 2012


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