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Negros Occidental



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Bacolod City is situated on the northwestern shore of the Province of Negros Occidental. It is limited on the north by the City of Talisay, on the east by the town of Murcia, on the south by the City of Bago and in the west by the Guimaras Strait. The worldwide area of Bacolod City is 10 degrees, 40 minutes 40 seconds - north and 122 degrees 54 minutes 25 seconds - east with Bacolod Public Plaza as the benchmark. Bacolod has an aggregate area region of 16,267 hectares (40,200 sections of land) or 162.67 square kilometers (62.81 sq mi), including straits and waterways and the 124 hectares (310 sections of land) recovery region; and is made out of 61 barangay (towns) and 639 purok (littler units making a barangay/town). Bacolod is the Philippines' third quickest developing economy as far as data innovation (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) exercises.