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Bago City has a total land area of 38, 941 hectares, 3,651.7150 ha. of which belongs to Mt. Kanla-on Natural Park. It is composed of 24 barangays, 16 of which are rural and 8 are urban. The city has 1,100 has-water area and 15 km coastline. Bago City is traversed by the widest river in the province, the Bago River, which starts from the northeast slope of Kanlaon Volcano and drains into Guimaras Strait. As a venture focus, Bago City is a model of agri-modern advancement. It offers great entrepreneurial site for the use of its farming items, devoted and enterprising HR, an entrance to ocean faring creates and an all around created street systems. With the blockage of the City of Bacolod as an essential business focus of the territory, Bago City gives an inconceivable range to development and an intriguing speculation potential. The financial accomplishment of existing assembling businesses, for example, the Mt. Kanla-on Spring Water Plant, the Distileria Bago, Incorporated, and the Alter Trade Manufacturing Corporation among others, demonstrate that to be sure Bago City is a potential safe house for speculations.