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Bangued has an aggregate area region of around 105.70 square kilometers (40.81 sq mi), representing 2.83% of the aggregate territory of the region. It is for the most part uneven from north to south; in any case, it is level and moving at the midriff. From here it has a height of 30 meters (98 ft) above mean ocean level. In the north, which comprises for the most part of mountains, height ranges from 60 to 1,036 meters (197 to 3,399 ft). In the south, which is sprinkled with mountain and slopes, rise ranges from 45 to 300 meters (148 to 984 ft). One such slope is Cassamata Hill which was pronounced a national park. Bangued is open through the Abra-Ilocos Sur National Road from the west, Abra-Kalinga Road from the north-east, and Abra-Ilocos Norte Road from the North. It is 408 kilometers (254 mi) from Manila, 197 kilometers (122 mi) from Baguio City and 60 kilometers (37 mi) from Vigan City. The business action of Bangued is bound in the urban center building up a straight example of advancement along real lanes. This is obvious from Torrijos Street to Taft Street of Zone 5, McKinley Street to Santiago Street and Partelo Street of Zone 4, and Capitulacion Street of Zone 1 and Zone 2. As the monetary focus of Abra, little scale or bungalow businesses flourish. The most widely recognized are empty pieces and other solid items fabricating with rock and sand promptly accessible at the Abra River bank. Wood and bamboo specialty are likewise encouraging business endeavors with crude materials accessible in the region and in the hinterlands for narra and different types of hardwood, rattan, and bamboos. Metalcraft, tinsmithing, adornments making is likewise growing while a ton of families are presently in the little scale preparing or esteem adding exercises applying to different nourishment things.