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The City of Borongan is situated along the center seaside part of the territory of Eastern Samar. The downtown area itself is arranged along the northern banks of the Lo-om River and is set back a little separation far from the shoreline of Borongan Bay. The region itself contains a part of the Eastern Visayas district (Region VIII) of the Republic of the Philippines. The city is limited on the north by the district of San Julian, in the south by the region of Maydolong, in the west by the Samar regions of Hinabangan, Calbiga, Pinabacdao and Basey, and in the east by the Pacific Ocean. The city's domain incorporates the islands of Ando, Monbon, and Divinubo in Borongan Bay. Borongan's primary item is copra. It has enthusiastic business movement during the time not just taking into account the requirements of the neighborhood city masses yet serving and additionally the focal business center point of the whole region of Eastern Samar. Numerous families depend on beach front and remote ocean angling and in addition marsh and upland cultivating as method for business. Borongan City has a wet business sector found somewhat upstream and alongside the northern bank of the Lo-om River in the Puray region of Brgy. H (Tarusan) offering the typical foodstuffs like rice and corn grains, dried and crisp fish (either got locally or acquired solidified from Catbalogan City or Guiuan and also other adjacent towns), pork, hamburger, chicken, carabeef, safeguarded meats, vegetables, natural products, sauces and flavors, rootcrops, local cakes and so forth.