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Negros Occidental



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Cadiz City has the aggregate area zone via land use is 52,457 hectares. A zone of 7,354.59 hectares is named urban area, which incorporates private, business, mechanical and institutional. 45,102.45 hectares are country. The city has recovered a region of 38 hectares, 500 meters southeast of City Hall. This range is found close by of Hitalon River and is perfect for mechanical exercises. Cadiz has an aggregate rural range of 36,475.7429 hectares. Sugarcane stays as the prime horticultural product with as expansive as 23,571.1445 hectares or 64.5242% of the aggregate rural range. Fish supply is more than what the city presently needs. Being rich in characteristic assets and considered as one of only a handful few angling focuses of Negros Occidental, Cadiz, rich in marine assets, is imagined to be the fish focal point of Negros and an option vacationer destination. In Barangays Daga and Tiglawigan, for occurrence, dried fish preparing and vessel building are the major financial exercises.