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The Calapan city has a zone of 250.06 km2 (96.55 sq mi) and is made out of 62 barangays of which 22 are delegated urban and 40, provincial. The city additionally has ward over the three Baco-Chico Islets and the two Silonay Islets on Calapan Bay. The general area trademark is a wide plain with streams, scattered with wetlands at the seacoast fringe. The most elevated rise is 187 m (614 ft) above ocean level at Bulusan Hill, a 6-kilometer (3.7 mi) long landform east of the city, which interferes with the generally level landscape north-east of the Halcon-Baco Mountain Range. Exchanging and business exercises are for the most part bound in wholesale and retail exchange. Other flourishing businesses are assembling, financing, tourism, sustenance and drinks and administrations. Lately, the city has seen the inundation of private ventures that expansion pay and vocation open doors. The City Investment Code supports new and existing business visionaries to expand their speculations. All business foundations are likewise required to utilize bonafide occupants of the city to no less than 70% of the openings for work that they will create. Lion's share of the unfathomable agrarian terrains of Calapan is committed to rice creation. Different products developed in the range are citrus natural products, for example, calamansi, banana, lanzones, rambutan, mango, coconut and vegetables.