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Calbayog city has an aggregate range of 90,300 hectares (223,000 sections of land) which is 0.301% of the archipelago's aggregate area zone, 4.21% of the provincial area territory, 6.724% of the island of Samar and 16.10% of the Samar region zone. Forty percent of the city's property zone are plain and uneven territories with rise running from 5 to 20 meters (16 to 66 ft) above ocean level. The rest are rough mountain ranges with rises from 300 to 700 meters (980 to 2,300 ft) above ocean level. Flooding is minimized due to numerous waterways, rivulets, streams and normal water transports that stream towards the ocean. The area territory of the city is by and large partitioned into agribusiness and ranger service territories. To a great extent an agrarian city, 57,654.07 hectares (or 63.85%) is utilized for horticulture while 32,645.93 hectares (or 36.15%) are backwoods lands. Its real items are copra, abaca, rice, vegetables, corn, rootcrops, natural products, bamboo and nipa, with the general aggregate amount (mt.) of 28,330.428. Fish preparing, for example, smoking, salting and drying are little scale enterprises working in the territory. Crisp catch are traded in gigantic volume regularly all through the nation. Samar Sea, with an angling ground of 1,198 square miles (3,100 km2), is a boundless asset for horticulture and sea fish cultivating exercises.