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Ilagan City is situated on the focal part of the area of Isabela. It is limited by nine (9) districts: on the north by the regions of Divilacan, Tumauini, and Delfin Albano; on the west by the region of Quirino; on the east by the regions of Divilacan, Palanan, and the Pacific Ocean; and on the south by the regions of Gamu, Naguilian, Benito Soliven and San Mariano. Ilagan City is around 96 kilometers (60 mi) from Tuguegarao City and 397 kilometers (247 mi) from Metro Manila (connected by a national parkway through Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya). Agribusiness and fishery stays to be the principle spine of Ilagan's economy. Agri-bolster exercises - at present, the greater part of the enterprises in the city are agri-based. For as long as ten years, there has been an extraordinary number of nearby interest in poultry and pig raising. At present, there are seven poultry contract cultivators and 33 little and medium scale pig raisers in Ilagan City. Other bolster offices, stockrooms and little rice factories, deliberately situated in various barangays of Ilagan City address the capacity needs of agriculturists amid the harvest season.