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0.9 (2008?)

Ipil is arranged at 7.78° North scope, 122.59° East longitude and 17 meters rise over the ocean level. Ipil is a little city in Philippines, having around 19,195 tenants. The main businesses are in the regions of semi-handled rubber,rice and corn processing, customary nourishment preparing, wood and rattan furniture making, dried fish and squid handling, and home-made sustenance handling. New businesses incorporate solid items, pieces of clothing, wax and flame processing plants, lime making, and other home and house enterprises. Significant harvests created incorporate rice, corn, coconuts, elastic, organic product trees, vegetables, tobacco, espresso, cacao, and root crops. Domesticated animals and poultry preparations are prevalently little scale and lawn operations. Coal mining in huge and little scale and valuable metal mining in little scale classification are similarly present in a few regions of the territory.