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Isabela City is situated on the northern shore of Basilan Island, along the Basilan Strait opposite Zamboanga City toward the north. Its domain under purview incorporates Malamawi Island. The geology of the entire zone of Isabela is an unpredictable, moving landscape. The monetary exercises in Isabela City are ready to go part is spoken to by the Basilan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., set up in 1975. All exchanging exercises are taken care of by the inhabitant Chinese people group, who has a critical nearness in the callings too. Zamboangueños are for the most part working either as experts or as City Government representatives Tausugs/Maranaos are locked in fundamentally in retail trade, distributing and angling Bisayas are into smaller scale little undertakings and country cultivating Yakans are for the most part copra merchants, dealers, or Provincial Government workers the Department of Trade and Industry Isabela City Office is situated at the Isabela City Hall Complex, Sunrise Barangay Essential financial undertakings: Baluno and Menzi are two baranggays that produce rural items, basically elastic. They have their own elastic handling plants from the crude elastic sap, and offer these items to dealers for fare. Additionally these elastic handling cooperatives contribute much to Isabela City's business rate. Isabela City's OTOP (One Town One Product) showcase is: piece elastic, inferable from the quantity of elastic handling plants situated inside City limits. BF Goodrich and Sime Darby Tires are the real worldwide interests in the city. Other Major Economic Activities incorporate coconut/copra creation and, to a lesser degree, bamboo makes/furnitures