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0.9 (2008?)

The Municipality of Jordan is situated at the western piece of Guimaras which thusly is arranged right amidst Panay and Negros in Western Visayas with Iloilo and Guimaras Strait isolating it from the north island individually. Jordan is limited on the north by the Municipality of Buenavista, San Lorenzo toward the east and Sibunagto the south. At its closest point, it is around 1.5 nautical miles from Iloilo. This focal area serves well its capacity as the common capital of the Province of Guimaras. As far as outright area Jordan exists in scopes 10º04'00″ N and 10º26'00″ N and the longitudes 122º30'00″ E and 122º45'00″ E. Farming including creature raising, fishery and tourism have been distinguished as the real drivers of the Guimaras' economy. Guimarasnons get their business from the bounties of the area and its encompassing oceans. Palay, coconut, mango, cashew, calamansi, camote, corn, vegetables, domesticated animals, poultry and fishery items are the real create of the territory.