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It is situated along the Lingayen Gulf, the Agno River and the Limahong Channel. It has an area region of 62.76 square kilometers comprising of 32 barangays furthermore have 7 sitios. Its territory is level, reasonable for ranches and fisheries. Lingayen climate is cool from December to February, warm from March to April, and the wet season is amongst May and October. Farming, domesticated animals, and angling are the significant businesses of the town. Significant harvests incorporate rice, corn, tomato, mongo, watermelon, and vegetables. The town has an area territory of 3,180 hectares or 47.5% of the aggregate area range of the district utilized for horticulture by an area overview directed by Municipal Planning Team. Rice, being the significant harvest delivered, have 1,500 hectares/22.42% of the aggregate area range of the district. Corn come next with 341.50 hectares/5.11%, with shelled nut comes third with 136.6 hectares/2.04% while whatever is left of around 253.225 hectares or 3.78% is planted to various yields, for example, mongo, camote, eggplant, and different products. Taking into account the data accumulated from the Office of the Municipal Agricultural Officer, demonstrates that in year 2000 there are 5,282 heads of swine, 2,762 heads of cows, 756 heads of carabao, 1,520 heads of sheep and goat consolidated, 44,000 heads of poultry (business grills), and 43,875 heads of poultry (local chickens). There are two sorts of fishery operation in the town depending in which water sort it supply in a fishery: harsh water and freshwater. Harsh fisheries has the greater area zone than freshwater has with an area region of 1,419.18 hectares. This fisheries can be found in 28 barangays with Baay being the biggest with 157 hectares. Freshwater fisheries has an area region of around 38.82 hectares and situated in ten barangays. Namolan have the biggest with 7.80 hectares.