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Limited on the north and upper east by the Municipality of Pagbilao, on the south and southeast by the Tayabas Bay, on the southwest by the Municipality of Sariaya, and on the northwest by the Municipality of Tayabas, Lucena City at the southeastern piece of Quezon Province is around 137 kilometers southeast of Manila by means of the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway. The area territory of Lucena is 8,316.90 hectares. Around 2% of the aggregate area territory of Lucena has a place with the 11 urban barangays or poblacion. Hydrological and Ecological Condition Generally, the dirt and climate conditions, temperature, light, water, (with the exception of in some barangays where the water offices are not attractive) and other topographical variables in Lucena, structure a favolrable domain, which gives conditions appropriate to the upkeep of life and for conveying its exercises. Ranger service although Lucena has not any more woodland zone, there is a three-hectare man-made backwoods known as the Botanical Garden inside the compound of the Enverga University Foundation site. The City additionally keeps up a one-half hectare Ecology Park at Brgy. Isabang. Fishery and Aquatic Resources Tayabas Bay is one of the amazing angling grounds in Quezon Province. In 1996, Lucena City had a recorded amount of fish got be business angling vessels totaling to 11,841,180 kgs.; 14,933,641 kgs. in 1997; and 12,919,155 kgs. in 1998 and 122,800,266 kgs. in 1999.