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Laguna de Bay Region Digital  Terrain Model 5-meter resolution DTM, IFSAR raster WGS 84,    UTM Zone 51 NAMRIA 2015
Manila is situated on the eastern shores of Manila straight, which lays on the western shores of Luzon. Manila lies 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) from terrain Asia. The Pasig River cuts up Manila. All of Manila sits on top of hundreds of years of ancient alluvial stores worked by the waters of the Pasig and on some area recovered from Manila Bay. Manila's property has been modified significantly by human intercession, with extensive area recovery along the waterfronts since the American provincial times. A portion of the regular varieties in geography have been leveled out because of the urbanization of the city. Starting 2013, Manila has an aggregate range of 42.88 square kilometers (16.56 sq mi). The city is a noteworthy community for business, saving money and fund, retailing, transportation, tourism, land, new media and in addition customary media, publicizing, legitimate administrations, bookkeeping, protection, theater, style, and human expressions in the Philippines. Divisoria in Tondo is named as the "shopping mecca of the Philippines". Various shopping centers are situated in this spot, which offers items and merchandise at deal cost. Little merchants involves a few streets that causes person on foot and vehicular movement. Differing makers inside the city produce mechanical related items, for example, chemicals, materials, apparel, and electronic merchandise. Sustenance and refreshments and tobacco items additionally delivered. Nearby business people keep on processing essential wares for fare, including rope, plywood, refined sugar, copra, and coconut oil. The nourishment preparing industry is a standout amongst the most stable significant assembling division in the city.