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Marawi City has an aggregate area range of 8,755 hectares (21,630 sections of land). It is situated on the shores of Lake Lanao and straddles the zone where the Agus River begins. It is limited toward the north by the districts of Kapai and Saguiaran; toward the south by Lake Lanao; toward the east by the regions of Bubong and Ditsaan-Ramain; and toward the west by the regions of Marantao and Saguiaran. The economy of Marawi City is to a great extent in light of horticulture, exchanging and sending out. Most ventures in the city are farming focused. They incorporate rice and corn cultivating, empty pieces assembling, goldsmithing, and saw processing. Little and bungalow size ventures are occupied with article of clothing making, mat and malong weaving, wood cutting, brassware making, web advancement, and blacksmithing. Aside from that, Marawi City is home to NPC - Agus 1 Hydro Electric Power Plant and the first of the six falling Agus Hydro Power Plants.