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The aggregate area region of Marikina is roughly 21.5 square kilometers (km²) or 2,150 hectares (ha). This speaks to around 3.42% of the aggregate area range of Metro Manila. At present, the city is made out of 16 barangays. Barangays Fortune, Concepcion Dos and Marikina Heights are among the biggest as far as area zone. The south partition of the city includes the various business, mechanical and neighborhoods, legacy locales and blended use zones, while the north and upper east parcel are principally for private and modern zones, and different foundations, for example, little and medium endeavors. Loyola Grand Villas, situated at the northwest parcel of the city, is a gated group containing upper-working class and well off local locations. Barangay Sta. Elena speaks to a poblacion, or the focal point of Marikina. Marikina is the greatest maker of value shoes in the Philippines. It is additionally the Philippines' biggest overall exporter of calfskin shoes that labeled Marikina as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. Several footwear foundations are situated all through the city, producing a large number of occupations and city budgetary assets that keep on making the shoe and cowhide industry the top vocation in the city. By the 2000s, the Marikina shoe industry was influenced by rivalry from Chinese makers. Some of Marikina's items are handiworks, sweet indulgences, cowhides, attire, sustenance preparing, packs, extras, cigarettes and a large portion of all, the shoe fabricating.