Camarines Sur
Naga City is located within the province of Camarines Sur in the southeastern tip of Luzon at the near the center of the Bicol Region, surrounded on all sides by rich agricultural, forest and fishing areas. It covers a land area of 8,448 hectares (20,880 acres) and is located around the serpentine and historic Naga River, at the confluence of the Naga and Bikol Rivers. Thus, it has always been an ideal place for trade and as center for schools, church and government offices. Included in its territory is Mount Isarog, a declared protected area in Region V known as Mount Isarog Natural Park. Naga City is Bicol Region's focal point of commercialization, and industrialization,being the locale's monetary focus. Naga City is refered to as a standout amongst the Most Business-Friendly Cities in Asia and is thought to be one of the Philippines Top 10 urban areas, being a piece of the 'Most Competitive City in the Philippines.and Second most focused city in Bicol. A few business visionaries refered to the city as the most business-accommodating in the Bicol area. Deliberately situated at the heart of Bicol, Naga City is additionally the exchange city in Bicol that is the embarkation point and resting purpose of merchandise from Visayas and Manila.