Zamboanga del Sur
Pagadian is on the northeastern side of the Western Mindanao area, verging on Illana Bay. It is limited by the districts of Tigbao and Dumalinao on the southwest, Lakewood on the west, Labangan on the east and northwest, and Midsalip on the north. Around 45% of the aggregate city territory is steeply slanting landscape of slopes and mountains on the northwestern segment that covers an expected 15,090 hectares. Mt. Palpalan, Mt. Timolan, Mt. Pinokis, and Mt. Sugar Loaf are the four tallest crests. Zones in the immediate north and focal part, have tender to direct slants, making up 47% of the aggregate. The rest of the 8% is level or almost level which makes up a large portion of the eastern and the southern parts of the city. The urban zone covers around 845.48 hectares. Height of the urban zone of the city ranges from 1 MSL (mean ocean level) close Pagadian Bay to around 100 MSL in the region of Barangay San Jose. The Tiguma, Bulatoc, Gatas, and Balangasan Rivers, channel to Pagadian Bay and serve as common seepage. Because of its geography, the greater part of the city's 54 barangays don't encounter flooding. The low-lying southern and eastern part of the city at times experience flooding, most particularly amid overwhelming downpours. Agribusiness is the essential financial asset, with the creation of rice, corn, coconut, organic product, root harvests and creature farming. Exceptional subsidizing help programs by the legislature are made accessible for neighborhood agriculturists; the City Livelihood Development Assistance Program (CILDAP) stretches out advances to the individuals who need budgetary help for their business. Generation of crude materials like kelp, coco preparing, cassava constitute a vast part of the nearby economy; little scale assembling of furniture and stylistic layouts made out of wood, bamboo, rattan, steel and plastic; handiworks made out of bamboo, rattan, coco shell, wood, marine shell, pottery, and weaving. Pagadian Bay and the external Illana Bay (Iranun Bay) swarms with a wide assortment of marine items; ocean growth society cultivating is thriving in waters off the inlet while fishponds close or along the straight yields milkfish, prawns and crabs. Various vast remote ocean angling vessels that endeavor into the Sulu Sea and more remote off to South China Sea make Pagadian fishport their base of operation. Another wage creating industry is mining in a territory found 1.5 km southeast of Barangay Lison Valley appropriate roughly forty-nine kilometers from the city legitimate which yields gold, copper and molybdenum.