Roxas City is arranged only east of the north-focal shore of Panay Island with geographic directions of 11°35' N, 122°45' E. Its limits are: the Sibuyan Sea toward the north, the district of Panitan toward the south, the region of Ivisan toward the west, and the region of Panay toward the East. It is found 250 nautical miles (460 km) southeast of Manila and 116 kilometers (72 mi) north of Iloilo City (Regional Capital). Make a trip time to Manila is 45 minutes via air and 18 hours via ocean. Roxas City has an agri-based economy. Cultivating and angling are the major monetary exercises which claim 37.05% of the city's aggregate area zone. Albeit agrarian, the city is currently moving towards commercialization and industrialization as it is the focal point of exchange and business in the territory of Capiz as well as in the northern piece of Panay Island. Roxas City as Seafood capital of the Philippines supplies send out fish items to different nations, for example, Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Phillips Seafood Philippines Corporation is the sole fish generation organization in Roxas City. Their fish preparing plant is situated in Banica, Roxas City.