Davao del Norte
Samal is the main city in the nation that includes two whole islands, subsequently its name as the Island Garden City. While unblemished shorelines dab the island's shores, slopes overwhelm the center parts of the island. Talikud Island is found southwest of the fundamental island. IGaCoS appreciates a uniformly conveyed precipitation consistently and a tropical storm free atmosphere, which make it perfect for horticultural generation. The city's economy depends enormously in its farming creation. Copra, mango, corn, vegetables, citrus and fish are the significant results of the island. Domesticated animals creation is additionally a noteworthy item with Davao City as the essential business sector. Likewise, rice is additionally delivered in the barangays of San Isidro in Babak District and Aumbay in Peñaplata District. Angling is additionally a developing business segment in this city, since the city was arranged on the island, it can't completely supplement the interest for meat items imported from different parts of the nation, particularly in adjacent Davao City. The city has no both compartment port and profound water transport terminal, with the exception of a freight ship wharf at Babak area, to convey market items straightforwardly to the city, so the city government pushed assembling fishery buildings over the city to minimize the interest for business sector items imported to the city. Fish, pearls, and eatable scavangers, for example, shrimps, prawns, and crabs are the fundamental oceanic consumable items in the city.