The City of Tabaco is situated on the eastern shoreline of Albay region with a territory of 117.14 km2 (45.23 sq mi). The landscape in the poblacion or town focus of Tabaco, is for the most part level with the most astounding height at around 5 m (16 ft). The northwestern segment achieves 400 m (1,300 ft) above ocean level. The city's southwest limit achieves the distance to the highest point of Mayon at a height of 2,462 m (8,077 ft). San Miguel Island is totally encompassed by gatherings of little slopes with the most noteworthy height at around 35 m (115 ft) above ocean level. Its economy is still vigorously subject to farming. Real yields incorporate rice, corn, cacao, pili, root crops, vegetables, coconuts and abacá. Poultry and animals raising and also aquaculture and angling are especially alive. Tabaco today is quickly developing with a flourishing business focus and port territory. The city has the sole International Seaport in the area adding to the city's dynamic economy. Different Industries in Tobaco City - Woodcraft. Wood furniture and embellishments producing. Metal Craft. Tabak (bolo blade) assembling or cutlery, scissors, razors, ranch executes, window flame broils, iron doors and tricycle sidecars Rattan Craft. Furniture and apparatuses produced using rattan. Earthenware production Industry. Empty pieces, can bowls, floor tiles and fortified solid funnels. Cap and Mat weaving from caragumoy departs. Ship Repair and Building. Dry dock office is accessible in Brgy. Salvacion. Trucks, Bus and AUV Manufacturing (Body Building)