The City of Tabuk is limited by Pinukpuk in the North; Rizal in the East; Quezon, Isabela in the Southeast; Paracelis, Mt. Region and Tanudan in the South; and Lubuagan and Pasil in the Southwest (See Location Maps). It is 548 kilometers far from Manila through the Cagayan Valley and 514 kms by means of Bontoc, Mt. Region. Farming being the real control of the general population has the greatest offer as far as area range because of its wide fields and accessible water supply for watering system. Its semi-rolling and moving slopes are secured by espresso and organic product plantation beside banana. Different segments are especially appropriate for dairy cattle and carabao raising. Consequently, it has turned into a rural focus and has kept supplying huge amounts of rice to Metro Manila and Baguio City to incorporate neighboring regions. The district is noted with the nature of rice being created. The rice assortments created in the valley have an altogether different taste from the same assortments delivered in alternate towns, so delectable and tasty. Beside rice, the other essential products are corn, espresso and coconut.