Sultan Kudarat
The city of Tacurong is located at the geographical coordinates 6 degrees 41 minutes and 42.583 seconds latitude, 124 degrees, 40 minutes and 29.818 seconds longitude. It is bounded by the municipalities of Lambayong, to the north; Isulan to the west; Pres. Quirino to the east; and by Tantangan of South Cotabato Province to the south. Trade and Industry Quite a while back, the city depended for its wellspring of Livelihood from rural and just part of the town salary from a Commercial foundations. Be that as it may, the flood of transient part of the archipelago and evacuees from the neighboring spot because of Sporadic unsettling influence brought about by uncivilized components, changed the Course of the city in its battle for monetary improvement From farming to business and industry. The expansion of little Investors occupied with little scale enterprises, for example, furniture making, Candy manufacturing plant, balut making, sweet processing plant and vInegar making is an obvious evidence of a business and modern patterns of the city.The city likewise creates African palm oil, which is dispatched to Manila to be utilized as a part of the plastics and cleanser making industry and other compound ventures. There are likewise different little scale enterprises like metal art, nourishment preparing, furniture, earthenware production, painstaking work, articles of clothing, stoneware, vinegar making and balut making.