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PhilGIS has been kept alive and continuously enhanced by people such as Robert Bugna, Cecil de Castro, Vic Bato, Ozzy Boy Nicopior, Xavier Fuentes, MaryGrace Balinos, Ray Jones Balneg, Rico Hizon, Jeff Javier, Erlyn Taduran, Noel Mondragon, and other volunteers (including especially those who have requested anonymity) who have generously and unselfishly shared GIS datasets and provided brilliant ideas and precious time.  My sincere thanks and appreciation to you all! (If I failed to mention your name here, please email me.) -- Al

To download, click on the hyperlinked data file.  Save it. Then use free 7-Zip software to unzip the file. 

Group 1:  Country Vector and Raster Datasets 



File Size

Data Format

Projection Information

Data Source


Country Boundary

Country Regions

Country Provinces
Country Towns and Cities
Country Barangays

Country, regional, provincial, municipal, and barangay boundaries 


ESRI Shapefile (.shp)


WGS 1984, Lat/Long



v.2 (2011) NEW!

SRTM DEM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission - Digital Elevation Model)

90-m spatial resolution mosaic of entire country


ERDAS Imagine (.img)

WGS 1984, Lat/Long


4.1 (2007)

Rainfall Contours

Countrywide rainfall contours in millimeters (2-, 5-, 10-, 25-, 50-, and 100-yr isohyets)

663 KB

Shapefile (.shp) 

WGS 1984, UTM 51

PAGASA; Name withheld upon request.



Philippine seas, 1-km resolution


Geotiff (.tif)

WGS 1984, UTM 51


GEBCO_08 Grid, 2008


Nationwide roads and streets 



WGS 1984, Lat/Long

Geofabrik GmbH-OpenStreetMap

As of 19 Sep 2012

Philippine Soils




WGS 1984, Lat/Long

References:  Victor A. Bato, Ozzy Boy Nicopior, BAR


Bioclimatic Variables: 
BIO1 = Annual Mean Temperature, °C
BIO2 = Mean Diurnal Range (Mean of monthly (max temp - min temp), °C
BIO3 = Isothermality (BIO2/BIO7) (* 100)
BIO4 = Temperature Seasonality (standard deviation *100), °C
BIO5 = Max Temperature of Warmest Month, °C
BIO6 = Min Temperature of Coldest Month, °C
BIO7 = Temperature Annual Range (BIO5-BIO6), °C
BIO8 = Mean Temperature of Wettest Quarter, °C
BIO9 = Mean Temperature of Driest Quarter, °C
BIO10 = Mean Temperature of Warmest Quarter, °C
BIO11 = Mean Temperature of Coldest Quarter, °C
BIO12 = Annual Precipitation, mm
BIO13 = Precipitation of Wettest Month, mm
BIO14 = Precipitation of Driest Month, mm
BIO15 = Precipitation Seasonality (Coefficient of Variation)
BIO16 = Precipitation of Wettest Quarter, mm
BIO17 = Precipitation of Driest Quarter, mm
BIO18 = Precipitation of Warmest Quarter, mm
BIO19 = Precipitation of Coldest Quarter, mm
Average Monthly Mean Temperature, °C
tmean1, tmean2, tmean3, tmean4, tmean5, tmean6, tmean7, tmean8, tmean9, tmean10, tmean11, tmean12
Average Monthly Maximum Temperature, °C
tmax1, tmax2, tmax3, tmax4, tmax5, tmax6, tmax7, tmax8, tmax8, tmax9, tmax10, tmax11, tmax12
Average Monthly Minimum Temperature, °C
tmin1, tmin2, tmin3, tmin4, tmin5, tmin6, tmin7, tmin8, tmin9, tmin10, tmin11, tmin12
Average Monthly Precipitation, mm
prec1, prec2, prec3, prec4, prec5, prec6, prec7, prec8, prec9, prec10, prec11, prec12

Culled and mosaicked from World Climate Data, then clipped to national bounding box and reprojected to local coordinates.
Source restricted to available records from the 1950-2000 period.
Raster resolution is 1 kilometer.

The numbers 1 to 12 in "tmean, tmax, and tmin" and in "prec" represent the months January to December, respectively.  For example, "tmean1" represents the average monthly mean temperature for the month of January.


Geotiff (.tif)

WGS 1984, UTM 51

World Climate Data (www.worldclim.org/bioclim), Reference:  Hijmans, R.J., S.E. Cameron, J.L. Parra, P.G. Jones and A. Jarvis, 2005. Very high resolution interpolated climate surfaces for global land areas. International Journal of Climatology 25: 1965-1978.

1.4 - Release 3

Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM): 2010, 2015
Bicol Region (Region V):  2010, 2015
CALABARZON (Region IV-A):  2010, 2015
Cagayan Valley (Region II):  2010, 2015
Caraga (Region XIII):  2010, 2015
Central Luzon (Region III):  2010, 2015
Central Visayas (Region VII):  2010, 2015
Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR):  2010, 2015
Davao Region (Region XI):  2010, 2015
Eastern Visayas (Region VIII):  2010, 2015
Ilocos Region (Region I):  2010, 2015
MIMAROPA (Region IV-B):  2010, 2015
Metropolitan Manila:  2010, 2015
Northern Mindanao (Region X):  2010, 2015
SOCCSKSARGEN (Region XII):  2010, 2015
Western Visayas (Region VI):  2010, 2015
Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX):  2010, 2015

Adjusted to UN national estimates.
Based on 2007 NSO census data.
Calculated for years 2010 and 2015.
Raster is clipped to region's bounding box.
Raster resolution is 90 meters.
Population density = people per grid square


Geotiff (.tif)

WGS 1984, UTM 51

The production of the AsiaPop spatial datasets principally follows the methodologies outlined in Linard et al (2012), Tatem et al (2007) and Linard et al. (2010).
Dr Andrew Tatem (University of Florida, USA / Centre for Geographic Medicine, Kenya / Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, USA)
Dr Catherine Linard (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
Dr Andrea Gaughan (University of Florida, USA)

July 2011

Airports, Bus Terminals in Mindanao, Depth Contours, Land Contours, Seaports, Geology, Golf Courses, Industrial Zones
Land Cover, Land Type (Eastern Visayas, Luzon, Mindanao, Palawan, Western Visayas), Population and Demography, River Basin, Slope Classes, General Soil Classes, Water Bodies
Countrywide except as stated Varies Shapefiles (.shp) WGS 1984, Lat/Long Data sent by Xavier Fuentes.  Thanks a lot Xavier! ca. 1997, 2004-07
Index Map
Luzon Languages
Visayas and Mindanao Languages
Countrywide Varies JFIF WGS 1984 Lat/Long http://www.ethnologue.com/show_map.asp?name=PH
Lewis, M. Paul (ed.), 2009. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sixteenth edition. Dallas, Tex.: SIL International. Online version: http://www.ethnologue.com/.


Index of Map Tiles (1:50K; 1:250K)

Digital raster graphics (DRGs) of forest cover (2002), flood- and landslide-susceptible areas, land cover (2003), and topographic maps.


Geotiff (.tif)



PTM or as stated


Graphics maps from:
-- Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC)
-- Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB)
-- Forest Management Bureau (FMB)
-- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Georeferenced by Erlyn Taduran, Cecil de Castro, Noel Mondragon

Metro Manila (2009)
Metro Manila and Taytay (2009)
Nueva Ecija (2009)
Pangasinan (2009)
Cagayan Valley (2011)
Cagayan de Oro City Building Damage (2012)
Misamis Occidental (2012)
Mindanao Rainfall from Typhoon Bopha (2012)
Georeferenced from PDF static maps produced by UNOSTAT for Typhoons Ketsana and Bopha Varies Geotiff (.tif) WGS 1984 - UTM 51 http://www.unitar.org/unosat/maps/PHL
Certificate of Ancestral Domain Titles (CADTs)
Central Mindanao
Northwestern Mindanao
Region I and CAR
Region II
Region III and rest of Luzon
Southeastern Mindanao
Visayas and Palawan
Georeferenced from static maps. 
A Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title is a title formally recognizing the rights of possession and ownership of ICCs/IPs over their ancestral domains identified and delineated in accordance with the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997. (Sec. 3, Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997)
Varies jpeg Luzon 1911, Lat/Long http://addis.ncip.gov.ph/adis/public/default.aspx As of July 2011
Coral Bleaching
Coral Diseases
Marine Protected Areas
Monitoring Sites
Protected Areas on Land
Reef Locations
Culled from the World Database on Protected Areas incorporating the UN List of Protected Areas

Culled from ReefBase
Varies .shp WGS 1984 - Lat/Long www.protectedplanet.net,
formerly http://www.wdpa.org/protectedplanet.aspx

As of 12 March 2013
Generalized Geology
Geologic Provinces
Culled from the United States Geologic Survey (USGS)   .shp WGS 1984 - Lat/Long http://energy.usgs.gov/OilGas/AssessmentsData/WorldPetroleumAssessment/WorldGeologicMaps.aspx#pacific_gis Accessed 2013
Philippine Mangrove Forests, 2000, 2010
Philippine mangrove forests from Landsat imagery, circa 2000 & 2010   .img WGS 1984 - Lat/Long

United States Geological Survey
Jordan B Long (jlong@usgs.gov); Chandra Giri (cgiri@usgs.gov)
Mapping the Philippines' Mangrove Forests Using Landsat Imagery
2011, 11, 2972-2981; doi:10.3390/s110302972

March 2011


HELP WANTED: Volunteers to georeference the graphics maps.  Please email me if interested. - Al




* Jarvis, A., H.I. Reuter, A. Nelson, E. Guevara, 2008, Hole-filled SRTM for the globe Version 4, available from the CGIAR-CSI SRTM 90m Database: http://srtm.csi.cgiar.org

Group 2:  Vector and Raster Datasets by Province

(Note:  Landsat ETM+ data is temporarily unavailable.  Email me directly if you need the data for a particular province.)

Coordinate System:  Geographic WGS 84 Lat/Long, unless otherwise specified
  Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC) Province Administrative Region Name
1 140100000 Abra Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
2 160200000 Agusan del Norte Caraga (Region XIII)
3 160300000 Agusan del Sur Caraga (Region XIII)
4 060400000 Aklan Western Visayas (Region VI)
5 050500000 Albay Bicol Region (Region V)
6 060600000 Antique Western Visayas (Region VI)
7 148100000 Apayao Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
8 037700000 Aurora Central Luzon (Region III)
9 150700000 Basilan Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
10 030800000 Bataan Central Luzon (Region III)
11 020900000 Batanes Cagayan Valley (Region II)
12 041000000 Batangas CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
13 141100000 Benguet Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
14 087800000 Biliran Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)
15 071200000 Bohol Central Visayas (Region VII)
16 101300000 Bukidnon Northern Mindanao (Region X)
17 031400000 Bulacan Central Luzon (Region III)
18 021500000 Cagayan Cagayan Valley (Region II)
19 051600000 Camarines Norte Bicol Region (Region V)
20 051700000 Camarines Sur Bicol Region (Region V)
21 101800000 Camiguin Northern Mindanao (Region X)
22 061900000 Capiz Western Visayas (Region VI)
23 052000000 Catanduanes Bicol Region (Region V)
24 042100000 Cavite CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
25 072200000 Cebu Central Visayas (Region VII)
26 118200000 Compostela Valley Davao Region (Region XI)
27 112300000 Davao del Norte Davao Region (Region XI)
28 112400000 Davao del Sur Davao Region (Region XI)
29 112500000 Davao Oriental Davao Region (Region XI)
30 168500000 Dinagat Islands Caraga (Region XIII)
31 082600000 Eastern Samar Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)
32 067900000 Guimaras Western Visayas (Region VI)
33 142700000 Ifugao Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
34 012800000 Ilocos Norte Ilocos Region (Region I)
35 012900000 Ilocos Sur Ilocos Region (Region I)
36 063000000 Iloilo Western Visayas (Region VI)
37 023100000 Isabela Cagayan Valley (Region II)
38 143200000 Kalinga Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
39 013300000 La Union Ilocos Region (Region I)
40 043400000 Laguna CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
41 103500000 Lanao del Norte Northern Mindanao (Region X)
42 153600000 Lanao del Sur Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
43 083700000 Leyte Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)
44 153800000 Maguindanao Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
45 174000000 Marinduque MIMAROPA (Region IV-B)
46 054100000 Masbate Bicol Region (Region V)
47 130000000 Metropolitan Manila Metropolitan Manila (National Capital Region - NCR)
48 104200000 Misamis Occidental Northern Mindanao (Region X)
49 104300000 Misamis Oriental Northern Mindanao (Region X)
50 144400000 Mountain Province Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
51 064500000 Negros Occidental Western Visayas (Region VI)
52 074600000 Negros Oriental Central Visayas (Region VII)
53 124700000 North Cotabato SOCCSKSARGEN (Region XII)
54 084800000 Northern Samar Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)
55 034900000 Nueva Ecija Central Luzon (Region III)
56 025000000 Nueva Vizcaya Cagayan Valley (Region II)
57 175100000 Occidental Mindoro MIMAROPA (Region IV-B)
58 175200000 Oriental Mindoro MIMAROPA (Region IV-B)
59 175300000 Palawan MIMAROPA (Region IV-B)
60 035400000 Pampanga Central Luzon (Region III)
61 015500000 Pangasinan Ilocos Region (Region I)
62 045600000 Quezon CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
63 025700000 Quirino Cagayan Valley (Region II)
64 045800000 Rizal CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
65 175900000 Romblon MIMAROPA (Region IV-B)
66 086000000 Samar Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)
67 128000000 Sarangani SOCCSKSARGEN (Region XII)
68 unavailable Shariff Kabunsuan Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
69 076100000 Siquijor Central Visayas (Region VII)
70 056200000 Sorsogon Bicol Region (Region V)
71 126300000 South Cotabato SOCCSKSARGEN (Region XII)
72 086400000 Southern Leyte Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)
73 126500000 Sultan Kudarat SOCCSKSARGEN (Region XII)
74 156600000 Sulu Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
75 166700000 Surigao Del Norte Caraga (Region XIII)
76 166800000 Surigao Del Sur Caraga (Region XIII)
77 036900000 Tarlac Central Luzon (Region III)
78 157000000 Tawi-Tawi Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
79 037100000 Zambales Central Luzon (Region III)
80 097200000 Zamboanga del Norte Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX)
81 097300000 Zamboanga del Sur Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX)
82 098300000 Zamboanga Sibugay Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX)

Group 3:  Vector and Raster Datasets by Cities and Capitals

(Under Construction)

Alabel, Sarangani Dumaguete, Negros Oriental Meycauayan, Bulacan Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat
Alaminos, Pangasinan El Salvador, Misamis Oriental Muntinlupa, Metro Manila Tagaytay, Cavite
Angeles, Pampanga Escalante, Negros Occidental Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Tagbilaran, Bohol
Antipolo, Rizal Gapan, Nueva Ecija Naga, Camarines Sur Taguig, Metro Manila
Bacolod, Negros Occidental General Santos (Dadiangas), South Cotabato Naga, Cebu Tagum, Davao Del Norte
Bago, Negros Occidental Gingoog, Misamis Oriental Naval, Biliran Talisay, Cebu
Baguio, Benguet Guihulngan, Negros Oriental Navotas, Metro Manila Talisay, Negros Occidental
Bais, Negros Oriental Himamaylan, Negros Occidental Olongapo, Zambales Tanauan, Batangas
Balanga, Bataan Iba, Zambales Ormoc, Leyte Tandag , Surigao Del Sur
Baler, Aurora Ilagan, Isabela Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental Tangub, Misamis Occidental
Bangued, Abra Iligan, Lanao Del Norte Ozamis, Misamis Occidental Tanjay, Negros Oriental
Basco, Batanes Iloilo, Iloilo Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur Tarlac, Tarlac
Batac, Ilocos Norte Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay Palayan, Nueva Ecija Tayabas, Quezon
Batangas, Batangas Iriga, Camarines Sur Panabo, Davao Del Norte Toledo, Cebu
Bayawan (Tulong), Negros Oriental Isabela, Basilan Panglima Sugala (Balimbing), Tawi-Tawi Trece Martires, Cavite
Baybay, Leyte Isulan, Sultan Kudarat Parañaque, Metro Manila Tubod, Lanao Del Norte
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya Jolo, Sulu Pasay, Metro Manila Tuguegarao, Cagayan
Bayugan, Agusan Del Sur Jordan, Guimaras Pasig, Metro Manila Urdaneta, Pangasinan
Bislig, Surigao Del Sur Kabankalan, Negros Occidental Passi, Iloilo Valencia, Bukidnon
Boac, Marinduque Kabugao, Apayao Pili, Camarines Sur Valenzuela, Metro Manila
Bogo, Cebu Kalibo, Aklan Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur Victorias, Negros Occidental
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi Kalookan, Metro Manila Puerto Princesa, Palawan Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Bontoc, Mountain Province Kidapawan, Cotabato (North Cotabato) Quezon, Metro Manila Virac, Catanduanes
Borongan, Eastern Samar Koronadal, South Cotabato Romblon, Romblon Zamboanga, Zamboanga Del Sur
Butuan, Agusan Del Norte La Carlota, Negros Occidental Roxas, Capiz
Cabadbaran, Agusan Del Norte La Trinidad, Benguet Sagay, Negros Occidental
Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija Lagawe, Ifugao Samal, Davao Del Norte
Cabarroguis, Quirino Lamitan, Basilan San Carlos, Negros Occidental
Cadiz, Negros Occidental Laoag, Ilocos Norte San Carlos, Pangasinan
Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental Lapu-Lapu (Opon), Cebu San Fernando, La Union
Calamba, Laguna Las Piñas, Metro Manila San Fernando, Pampanga
Calapan, Oriental Mindoro Legazpi, Albay San Jose, Antique
Calbayog, Samar (Western Samar) Ligao, Albay San Jose, Dinagat Islands
Candon, Ilocos Sur Lingayen, Pangasinan San Jose, Nueva Ecija
Canlaon, Negros Oriental Lipa, Batangas San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
Carcar, Cebu Lucena, Quezon San Juan, Metro Manila
Catarman, Northern Samar Maasin, Southern Leyte San Pablo, Laguna
Catbalogan, Samar (Western Samar) Makati, Metro Manila Santa Cruz, Laguna
Cauayan, Isabela Malabon, Metro Manila Santa Rosa, Laguna
Cavite, Cavite Malaybalay, Bukidnon Santiago, Isabela
Cebu, Cebu Malolos, Bulacan Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Cotabato, Cotabato (?) Mambajao, Camiguin Shariff Aguak (Maganoy), Maguindanao
Daet, Camarines Norte Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro Silay, Negros Occidental
Dagupan, Pangasinan Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Sipalay, Negros Occidental
Danao, Cebu Mandaue, Cebu Siquijor, Siquijor
Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte Manila, Metro Manila Sorsogon, Sorsogon
Datu Odin Sinsuat (Dinaig), Shariff Kabunsuan (?) Marawi, Lanao Del Sur Surigao, Surigao Del Norte
Davao, Davao Del Sur Marikina, Metro Manila Tabaco, Albay
Digos, Davao Del Sur Masbate, Masbate Tabuk, Kalinga
Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte Mati, Davao Oriental Tacloban, Leyte

Cities and Capitals Sorted by Province

Group 4:  Miscellaneous Datasets

(Under construction)

Metro Manila
Agusan River Basin (Eastern Mindanao)  -- Includes Agusan del Sur schistosomiasis data, courtesy of
Dr. Renato L. Cerdeña, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.
Mt. Hilong-hilong Watershed (Northeastern Mindanao)
Taguibo River Basin (Northeastern Mindanao)
Cagayan de Oro River Watershed (Northern Mindanao)    

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