Region 13: Caraga

Caraga, authoritatively known as the Caraga Administrative Region or just Caraga Region and assigned as Region XIII, is a managerial area in the Philippines possessing the northeastern segment of the island of Mindanao.
Caraga is said to have started from the local word Kalag which signifies "spirit of soul". Henceforth, the entire Provincia de Caraga of AD 1622 was called region de gente animosa, that is "region of spirited men". Another anecdotal derivation of the name streams from a nearby legend as originating from the word Cagang, a various little crabs tangling the shoreline of Caraga, which is otherwise called katang to the local tenants. Legend goes that the town was named in that capacity in light of the fact that the main Spanish evangelists who came in the early years of 1600 found various little crabs tangling the shoreline.


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