Region 8: Eastern Visayas

Eastern Visayas lies on the east focal segment of the Philippine archipelago. It involves two principle islands, Leyte and Samar, which frame the easternmost bank of the archipelago. It is limited on the east and north by the Philippine Sea with the San Bernardino Strait isolating Samar island from southeastern Luzon; on the west by the Camotes and Visayan oceans, and on the south by the Bohol Sea with the Surigao Strait isolating Leyte island from northwestern Mindanao. It has an aggregate area zone of 2,156,285 hectares (5,328,300 sections of land) or 7.2% of the nation's aggregate area zone. 52% of its aggregate area zone are delegated forestland and 48% as alienable and expendable area. 

Eastern Visayas is principally a rural district with rice, corn, coconut, sugarcane and banana as its real harvests. 

Essential wellsprings of income are assembling, wholesale and retail exchange and administrations. Mining, cultivating, angling and tourism contribute altogether to the economy. Producing firms incorporate mining organizations, compost plants, sugar focal, rice and corn factories and other sustenance handling plants. Tacloban is the center point of venture, exchange and advancement in the locale. 

Different enterprises incorporate coconut oil extraction, liquor refining, refreshment make and timberland items. Home enterprises incorporate cap and crate weaving, metal specialty, needlecraft, stoneware, earthenware production, woodcraft, shell art and bamboo make.


Cities and Capital