Davao Del Norte



Dataset Description Data Format Projection Information Data Source Version

Administrative Boundaries

Includes provincial, municipal, and barangay boundaries

ESRI Shapefile (.shp)

WGS 1984, Lat/Long


2 (2011)

Landsat 7 ETM+  (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus)

15-m spatial resolution panchromatic band, 3 spectral bands

ERDAS Imagine (.img)

WGS 1984, UTM Zone 51N



Landsat 7 ETM+  (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus)         2016

ASTER GDEM (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer – Global Digital Elevation Model)

30-m spatial resolution of province’s bounding box


WGS 1984, Lat/Long



2 (2011)

Davao del Norte covers a total area of 3,426.97 square kilometres (1,323.16 sq mi)  occupying the north-central section section of the Davao Region. The province borders Agusan del Sur to the north, Bukidnon to the west, Compostela Valley to the east, and Davao City to the south. Samal City is the only municipality or city in the province not situated on Mindanao island. The city covers the entire Samal and Talikud Islands within the Davao Gulf. Davao del Norte is a primarily agricultural the principal crops of the province include rice, maize, banana, coconut, abacá, ramie, coffee, and a variety of fruit and root crops. Davao del Norte is the country's leading producer of bananas, with many plantations run by multinationals Dole and Del Monte, and local producers such as Lapanday, TADECO, and Marsman. Davao del Norte is also one of Mindanao's leading producer of rice. Davao is also one of the producer of gold and silver. its mining resources include silica, silver, copper and elemental sulfur. Forestry and commercial fishing.

Cities or Municipalities in Davao Del Norte