Eastern Samar



Dataset Description Data Format Projection Information Data Source Version

Administrative Boundaries

Includes provincial, municipal, and barangay boundaries

ESRI Shapefile (.shp)

WGS 1984, Lat/Long


2 (2011)

Landsat 7 ETM+  (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus)

15-m spatial resolution panchromatic band, 3 spectral bands

ERDAS Imagine (.img)

WGS 1984, UTM Zone 51N



Landsat 7 ETM+  (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus)         2016

ASTER GDEM (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer – Global Digital Elevation Model)

30-m spatial resolution of province’s bounding box


WGS 1984, Lat/Long


2 (2011)

Eastern Samar covers a total area of 4,660.47 square kilometres (1,799.42 sq mi)  occupying the eastern section of Samar island in the Eastern Visayas region. The province is bordered to the north by Northern Samar and to the west by Samar. To the east lies the Philippine Sea, part of the vast Pacific Ocean, while to the south lies the Leyte Gulf. Because it faces the Philippine Sea of the Pacific Ocean, Eastern Samar suffers heavily from powerful typhoons. Commercial activities in the province are centered on the provincial capital of Borongan City while tourism activities are centered in Guiuan town where Calicoan Island and the historical Homonhon Island are located. Generally, the province's major economic resource is fishery and agriculture which include production of coconut, copra, corn, rice, sugar, and vegetables. Tourism potential is untapped on the northern part of the province.

Cities or Municipalities in Eastern Samar